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Everyone cried when they said goodbye. Why didn’t I?

I know everyone’s talking about the new iPhone or Syria today, and this is a milestone post for me – #100, which I had intended to honor somehow, but I’m still processing and digesting the new empty-nester life. This may … Continue reading

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It’s totally different … and yet completely the same

Sitting in the new parent orientation session at my daughter’s college check-in, I took a moment to peruse the student newspaper. Lots of useful, mostly predictable information … best deal on text books, tips on getting along with room mates, … Continue reading

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Solving the Text-While-Driving Epidemic

I want some clever person at Apple, Samsung, Nokia, et. al. to develop a new hardware button to allow users to put the smart phone on “drive mode”. The new “drive mode” button would essentially operate similar to the “airplane … Continue reading

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Help Me Fight Senioritis — 5 Reasons Why Excellence Matters

Two different planetary systems appear to be swirling within my universe these days. They adhere to different laws of physic. One is the generation easing off the career track looking back with wisdom, pride, gratitude, regrets, joy, wonder, disbelief and … Continue reading

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Is AOL mail so uncool, that it’s cool again?

A few years ago I overheard a group of young employees chatting in the lunchroom. Somewhere in the midst of the “what about that game last night? … did you see that movie? … what time tonight? … blah … … Continue reading

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“Thoughts brought back to you with added majesty”

I heard film director Noah Baumbach speak these words in an interview about his latest film, Frances Ha, with Terry Gross this week. He was searching around for the perfect way to explain how he’s been inspired by writers in … Continue reading

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College Selection Tool – Need Help for May 1st Decision?

With fast and easy, push-button computer college application submissions come many more offers to enticingly, slickly marketed, nirvana-like college experiences. It’s not easy to navigate your way to the right choice through all the options, promises and hype. It’s like … Continue reading

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