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“Drynuary”: Buoyed by a commitment device

Week 3 – Into Week 3 buoyed by a commitment device. I’m switching over from counting days to weeks now. That puts me into Week 3. Yes! I read an article recently (Goodbye Booze, For Now) by another Drynuary follower, … Continue reading

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“You white people all look the same to me” and the “out-group homogeneity effect”

We were stuck in the grocery store parking lot as the sun was setting in a sketchy part of town. My Singaporean visitors were wondering how this adventure was going to run its course. A group of women hovering around … Continue reading

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I’m marinating in cell phone waves, and so are you

Most cars I pass on the road contain humans with an electric device glued to the side of their head. Tables at restaurants are cluttered with these devices; they silently flash and entice the onlookers away from their culinary experience. … Continue reading

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You don’t really know, until it happens to you

Do you have a plan for “What If ….. an intruder breaks into your house in the middle of the night”? My scaredy-cat plan for that scenario is along the lines of locking myself into my room and calling the … Continue reading

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Mangled letter more memorable

This picture arrived in my email this morning. It would seem that my carefully hand-crafted, hand-written letter experienced a violent encounter with some sort of post office sorting machine along its route to our dear friend in Colorado. It made … Continue reading

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Online Chameleons and Transparents

Comments came flying from far and wide to  “Why Don’t You Respond to Me?“, both on the grid and off. There’s more to be said about this topic, so here’s another facet to ponder. I’ve often thought you can divide … Continue reading

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