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Day 9 – Everyone on task, ooops, except me!

For the past 420 days I have found a small window in my day to meditate. Usually early morning before the house comes alive. On days with early commitments, it can be as short as 10 minutes. On less hectic … Continue reading

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I’m marinating in cell phone waves, and so are you

Most cars I pass on the road contain humans with an electric device glued to the side of their head. Tables at restaurants are cluttered with these devices; they silently flash and entice the onlookers away from their culinary experience. … Continue reading

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How to avoid New Year’s Resolution self-flagellation

How’s it coming along? Renewed commitments to good habits. Just say No to that extra glass of wine. Eat more healthy. Waste less time on social media or TV. Restart exercise program. Be nicer to so-and-so and whathisname. 25 days … Continue reading

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Accidental Breakthrough in Simplicity via the Christmas Tree

It’s the day before January 6th, Epiphany, when we typically take down our Christmas tree. I groan, moan and generally get a bit cranky about this task. Fiddling with hooks and bows, trying to pack delicate ornaments back into the … Continue reading

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Babysteps to Simplicity: 7 Strategies for Getting a Grip on Acquisitiveness

The buzz around the concept of “simplicity” is so appealing, so enticing, so where I’d like to move towards. Shedding the ‘stuff’ of life makes me feel like I can think faster, jump higher, laugh more readily. There’s air between … Continue reading

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An encore for “5 Habits For The Road Ahead”

Republishing a posting on the topic of  “5 Habits For The Road Ahead” to share with the lively and very engaged audience at Houston Community College (HCC) Katy, who attended the Pandora’s Box Speaker Series today. Looking forward to meeting … Continue reading

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Calendarize It!

Want to handle that thing you’ve been putting off? Put it on the calendar. Calendarize it ! Want to turn an idea into action? Figure out the first step. Set a date and time to do it. Calendarize it !! … Continue reading

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