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When there are no alcohol options to be had

Day 11: When there are no alcohol options to be had. We arrive in the border town after dark, after our stomach’s expecting feeding hour, and after getting stiff and crampy from many hours behind the wheel. The hotel check-in is … Continue reading

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Day 3 – Hunkering down on a cold Saturday

There are two orbits spinning around each other in this household. One is inhabited by the much written about 21st century texting, driving, ueber-busy teen. Two of them, in this case. This is very familiar. Been there, done that … in fact … Continue reading

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A simple visit. It’s beyond words.

Downshifting into a simple visit. No activity wrapped around it. No agenda. Time suspended. Continue reading

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I’m marinating in cell phone waves, and so are you

Most cars I pass on the road contain humans with an electric device glued to the side of their head. Tables at restaurants are cluttered with these devices; they silently flash and entice the onlookers away from their culinary experience. … Continue reading

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Why all the food, when everyone wants to lose weight?

According to the International Food Information Council Foundation, “Most Americans (70 percent) say they are concerned about their weight status, and an overwhelming majority (77 percent) is trying to lose or maintain their weight.” This absolutely passes the credibility ‘smell … Continue reading

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Facebook Connectedness in Action

On a recent road trip ‘out West’ (that means New Mexico and Colorado, if you’re looking at the world from Texas), Facebook roared into action with surprising and unforeseen benefits. I’m a bit sporadic in my Facebook postings and scanning … Continue reading

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Wannabe Early Adopter

My only option for quickly getting the 5 items in my basket checked out at the grocery store yesterday was to suffer the new self-checkout machines. Have they arrived at a store near you yet? I avoid these painful, slow-motion … Continue reading

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