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Day 9 – Everyone on task, ooops, except me!

For the past 420 days I have found a small window in my day to meditate. Usually early morning before the house comes alive. On days with early commitments, it can be as short as 10 minutes. On less hectic … Continue reading

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here are THE “5 Habits For The Road Ahead” … as promised

As promised, I’m sharing the “5 Habits For The Road Ahead”, comprising the key points of a talk I gave to a group of high school seniors this week. The idea of 5 habits was born out of a notion … Continue reading

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Today is Saturday … Every day is a Saturday

A former boss of mine shared with me before I retired: “every day is a Saturday”, when you first unplug from corporate life. In his usual I-hate-to-admit-to-him way, he was right on target. He later followed it up with another … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Girls and STEM Subjects

The media is awash with articles and reports on the progress of women, the role of women, women in the workplace, and much more – you’ve seen it too. It’s even leaking into personal emails between women. The light bulb … Continue reading

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