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Day 10 – The weekend comes thundering into town

It’s the weekend. Next week there’s no school. Things get loose. Teenage plans evolve in real-time as messages zip back and forth between all points on the network. Which house will be the ‘get ready at’ house. Which parents will agree … Continue reading

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Day 6 – Why are we trying so hard to shape them into mini adults?

With the benefit of hindsight and the advantage of a little emotional distance it’s easier to laugh and embrace the positive when a couple of teens come flying down the stairs after 11pm realizing that they had forgotten to do some homework due … Continue reading

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Day 3 – Hunkering down on a cold Saturday

There are two orbits spinning around each other in this household. One is inhabited by the much written about 21st century texting, driving, ueber-busy teen. Two of them, in this case. This is very familiar. Been there, done that … in fact … Continue reading

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Day 2 – Starbucks-Quiche-Texts-from-Peru-Cranks-Christmas

Even though I can sense a web of support surrounding us in this community, we’re flying solo now. Thanks to Viber and WhatsApp all our devices light up in the middle of the night with texts from a faraway place called … Continue reading

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Day 1 – GO-LIVE for 5-niece-assignment

Today is “Go-Live” day. After 24-hrs immersion training, I’m taking over — ready or not. The assignment is 5 nieces between 3rd and 10th grade for 10 days in a town I’ve only visited for holiday feasts before. I’m memorizing school and sports … Continue reading

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The earth shifted … they’re off to college again

Every now and then the earth shifts and things appear upside down. What used to be true is suddenly no longer true. There was no seismic event in my world this week, but the ground shook and things seem out … Continue reading

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An encore for “5 Habits For The Road Ahead”

Republishing a posting on the topic of  “5 Habits For The Road Ahead” to share with the lively and very engaged audience at Houston Community College (HCC) Katy, who attended the Pandora’s Box Speaker Series today. Looking forward to meeting … Continue reading

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