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Do you travel to MOVE or to BE MOVED … that’s the question

I heard these words in an interview with Pico Iyer today on the Art of Stillness. Loved them. Worthy of replay. Worthy of imprinting. Worthy of reflection. And, above all, must be shared. Maine made sense now. This explained why … Continue reading

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A simple visit. It’s beyond words.

Downshifting into a simple visit. No activity wrapped around it. No agenda. Time suspended. Continue reading

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WHAT??? You went back to work? What’s it Like?

A couple of days after my last post in early March on writing a personal mission statement, I re-entered the paid workforce …. hence the recent blog silence. I’m back at a desk just a few feet away from the … Continue reading

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Checked-off goals — is that enough?

Goals, objectives, and to-do lists propel me in a productive, forward-motion trajectory. That’s my training. That’s my modus operandi. That’s my inclination. After all, that’s how things get done in the world, right? I don’t subscribe to the bumper sticker … Continue reading

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Calendarize It!

Want to handle that thing you’ve been putting off? Put it on the calendar. Calendarize it ! Want to turn an idea into action? Figure out the first step. Set a date and time to do it. Calendarize it !! … Continue reading

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Facebook Connectedness in Action

On a recent road trip ‘out West’ (that means New Mexico and Colorado, if you’re looking at the world from Texas), Facebook roared into action with surprising and unforeseen benefits. I’m a bit sporadic in my Facebook postings and scanning … Continue reading

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The In-Between Places

Life is full of in-between places. Between endings and beginnings. Between first day and last day. Between starting and finishing. Between falling asleep and waking. Between taking off and landing. Can you influence when and where you land? That depends … Continue reading

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