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“Drynuary”: Tips for Joining the Journey

Day 7: Tips for Joining the Journey. By special request, I’m sharing a few go-to strategies that keep me on track: Don’t start unless you’re IN – If you’re still waffling, or negotiating terms and conditions … days of the … Continue reading

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I’m marinating in cell phone waves, and so are you

Most cars I pass on the road contain humans with an electric device glued to the side of their head. Tables at restaurants are cluttered with these devices; they silently flash and entice the onlookers away from their culinary experience. … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Bio-optically Organized Knowledge Centre

When I give my talk to students on the “5 Habits for the Road Ahead“, I like to joke with them, that if I presented them with a marketing pitch about a new, cool technology device where they could capture … Continue reading

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Don’t make me talk to the automaton

Ring … Ring … Ring … Hello, you have reached xyz customer service. How can I help you today? You can say something like “sales”, “faxed order”, or “returns”, or … OR arrrgghhh … I hate these systems. I am … Continue reading

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