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It’s my fifth time, but I was caught off guard

Many years ago, while working overseas, I attended a conference for ex-pat women dealing with change. Various speakers and panels shared their stories, tips and resources. I remember one line from all the many talks we listened to that weekend. “I … Continue reading

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Leaving was my thing. Being left behind is my new thing.

For most of my life, I was always the one doing the leaving. I was the leaver. I left the state I was born in within a couple of years. I left the next state after 1st grade, and then … Continue reading

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Day 11 – ‘your mother is on her way home! do you hear? ‘

‘your mother is on her way home! do you hear? oh, what will she do to us? what will she say? oh, she will not like it to find us this way!’ …. ‘have no fear of this mess,’ said … Continue reading

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Day 9 – Everyone on task, ooops, except me!

For the past 420 days I have found a small window in my day to meditate. Usually early morning before the house comes alive. On days with early commitments, it can be as short as 10 minutes. On less hectic … Continue reading

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Day 8 – “wanna know the grossest thing that happened today”

The 3pm pickup is one of the highlights of the day! The whole school day comes spilling out in chaotic bursts, rapid fire and filled with laughter and dramatic expressions. You’ll never guess what …. that “dude” … Oh my gosh, this girl … Continue reading

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Day 7 – The ‘swami-mami’ is an amazing manager

 This week I’m walking in the shoes of the ‘swami-mami’. If you know her, you get it. The nickname fits. If you don’t, think of hippy-spirited, yoga instructor, curious, determined, marathon runner, and mommy of 5 all rolled into one. This has … Continue reading

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Day 6 – Why are we trying so hard to shape them into mini adults?

With the benefit of hindsight and the advantage of a little emotional distance it’s easier to laugh and embrace the positive when a couple of teens come flying down the stairs after 11pm realizing that they had forgotten to do some homework due … Continue reading

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