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Solving the Text-While-Driving Epidemic

I want some clever person at Apple, Samsung, Nokia, et. al. to develop a new hardware button to allow users to put the smart phone on “drive mode”. The new “drive mode” button would essentially operate similar to the “airplane … Continue reading

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Inspired mail … the real kind

A real letter arrived in my mailbox this week. This is big news! Not a thank-you note. Not an invitation. Not a letter from one of my deceased mother’s friends, who does not have an email account. Not a pseudo … Continue reading

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Help Me Fight Senioritis — 5 Reasons Why Excellence Matters

Two different planetary systems appear to be swirling within my universe these days. They adhere to different laws of physic. One is the generation easing off the career track looking back with wisdom, pride, gratitude, regrets, joy, wonder, disbelief and … Continue reading

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Is AOL mail so uncool, that it’s cool again?

A few years ago I overheard a group of young employees chatting in the lunchroom. Somewhere in the midst of the “what about that game last night? … did you see that movie? … what time tonight? … blah … … Continue reading

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Why Don’t You Respond to Me?

I live with a Millennial, who has grown a new body appendage in the shape of an iPhone. Fingers continuously fly over the face of it at the speed of light. It is only detached when taking showers or playing … Continue reading

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here are THE “5 Habits For The Road Ahead” … as promised

As promised, I’m sharing the “5 Habits For The Road Ahead”, comprising the key points of a talk I gave to a group of high school seniors this week. The idea of 5 habits was born out of a notion … Continue reading

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What I learned from “5 Habits for the Road Ahead”

Last night I had the privilege of being invited to speak at the Lamar High School Business Administration Magnet program Banquet. Why am I surprisedĀ  — repeatedly — that I often learn more myself, when I show up as the … Continue reading

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