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“Drynuary”: The hotel bar on a weekend out of town is weirdly dull?

Day 12/13:  How is it possible that the hotel bar on a weekend out of town is weirdly dull? We’re down at the border doing missionary work at the humanitarian respite center this weekend. You wouldn’t think this would be … Continue reading

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When there are no alcohol options to be had

Day 11: When there are no alcohol options to be had. We arrive in the border town after dark, after our stomach’s expecting feeding hour, and after getting stiff and crampy from many hours behind the wheel. The hotel check-in is … Continue reading

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“Drynuary”: Alone with my soda water

Day 2: Alone with my soda water surrounded by exquisite glasses of wine Still at the very optimistic stages of this feeling-oh-so-good-about-myself cleansing, it was easy-peasy to breeze past the tray full of beautiful wine glasses and ask for a … Continue reading

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Making sense of vacations

What do you tell people when you return from vacation? Perhaps a tale of something gone wrong, like the painful encounter with the Viennese train police a few minutes after our 72 hr travel card had expired. Perhaps a blow-your-socks-off … Continue reading

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5 things I love about the turkey coma slow-down

gives people permission to doze off in the middle of the day on your couch. gets others, who rarely leave the couch, motivated to join a leisurely group walk. weakens the will power to resist that second helping, second piece of … Continue reading

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Day 12 – Crazy about the GOSPL girls! See you again soon.

Two weeks ago I loved my nieces because we’re family. Now I love them because I know them. Two weeks ago we greeted each other with tentative, polite hugs. Today we bear hugged goodbye. Two weeks ago I arrived as … Continue reading

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Day 8 – “wanna know the grossest thing that happened today”

The 3pm pickup is one of the highlights of the day! The whole school day comes spilling out in chaotic bursts, rapid fire and filled with laughter and dramatic expressions. You’ll never guess what …. that “dude” … Oh my gosh, this girl … Continue reading

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