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Making sense of vacations

What do you tell people when you return from vacation? Perhaps a tale of something gone wrong, like the painful encounter with the Viennese train police a few minutes after our 72 hr travel card had expired. Perhaps a blow-your-socks-off … Continue reading

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Do you travel to MOVE or to BE MOVED … that’s the question

I heard these words in an interview with Pico Iyer today on the Art of Stillness. Loved them. Worthy of replay. Worthy of imprinting. Worthy of reflection. And, above all, must be shared. Maine made sense now. This explained why … Continue reading

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5 things I love about the turkey coma slow-down

gives people permission to doze off in the middle of the day on your couch. gets others, who rarely leave the couch,┬ámotivated to join a leisurely group walk. weakens the will power to resist that second helping, second piece of … Continue reading

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Day 11 – ‘your mother is on her way home! do you hear? ‘

‘your mother is on her way home! do you hear? oh, what will she do to us? what will she say? oh, she will not like it to find us this way!’ …. ‘have no fear of this mess,’ said … Continue reading

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If I make you an apple pie, will you vote for Hillary?

What kind of zany conversations did you have at your July 4th gathering yesterday? As the volume of adult beverages consumed rose, so did the volume and wackiness factor of the dialogue. ┬áSound bites flying across the room would occasionally … Continue reading

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5 Life Lessons from living a month out of a suitcase

Back in a house full of “stuff” this week after a month on the road, I rather miss the simplicity of managing a single travel bag, instead of a whole house. Transitioning back home I’m reflecting on the life lessons … Continue reading

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High heels and tailored dresses – a new tourist uniform in Europe?

Who are these fashion mannequins touring Florence, Venice, Rome, Milan, Perugia? Why am I the only one looking like I should be hiking around a state park back in the US? My golden rules for travel packing were clearly not … Continue reading

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