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Day 10 – The weekend comes thundering into town

It’s the weekend. Next week there’s no school. Things get loose. Teenage plans evolve in real-time as messages zip back and forth between all points on the network. Which house will be the ‘get ready at’ house. Which parents¬†will agree … Continue reading

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ONE simple way to get your passwords organized

If you’re on a I’m-going-to-get-better-organized-this-year kick right now, then one annoying, gloppy, pesty opportunity might be the persistent and ever expanding userid / password nightmare. I don’t know about you, but every time I do anything online, it seems that … Continue reading

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The Vanishing One-on-One

As I hopped in the car this morning to drive my daughter to an appointment I was looking forward to a few minutes of easy catch-up chatter, just the two of us. I was the only one with this thought. … Continue reading

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Solving the Text-While-Driving Epidemic

I want some clever person at Apple, Samsung, Nokia, et. al. to develop a new hardware button to allow users to put the smart phone on “drive mode”. The new “drive mode” button would essentially operate similar to the “airplane … Continue reading

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I had it in my bag all along! “Bamboo Paper”

How many times have you been in the middle of a big discussion when the only way forward was to draw a picture? Pictures and diagrams really do speak a thousand words … for me anyway. Anyone have a pen? … Continue reading

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