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“Drynuary”: Gripped by bedtime reading

Day 6: Gripped by bedtime reading. After a hectic, busy day there’s nothing more delicious than collapsing into a comfy bed. Especially when the sheets are crisp and cool, the pillows are just the right squishiness, and the mattress cushions … Continue reading

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“Drynuary”: Why?

Day 1: Upon announcing project ‘Drynuary’, I was aksed “why”. Wait … What do you mean “why”? Didn’t expect that. This question comes up almost as frequently as the “yeah-me-too’s”. The lanes separating the two traffic flows isn’t even the … Continue reading

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I’m scared to talk to you about that, because …

1970s – I’m eager to dive into any discussion with you. We may discover that we vigorously disagree; who cares. We’re committed to truth, exploration and honest communications. Things may get heated, and even ‘shouty’; but we’re guaranteed to be better … Continue reading

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It’s my fifth time, but I was caught off guard

Many years ago, while working overseas, I attended a conference for ex-pat women dealing with change. Various speakers and panels shared their stories, tips and resources. I remember one line from all the many talks we listened to that weekend. “I … Continue reading

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Leaving was my thing. Being left behind is my new thing.

For most of my life, I was always the one doing the leaving. I was the leaver. I left the state I was born in within a couple of years. I left the next state after 1st grade, and then … Continue reading

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Day 10 – The weekend comes thundering into town

It’s the weekend. Next week there’s no school. Things get loose. Teenage plans evolve in real-time as messages zip back and forth between all points on the network. Which house will be the ‘get ready at’ house. Which parents will agree … Continue reading

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A simple visit. It’s beyond words.

Downshifting into a simple visit. No activity wrapped around it. No agenda. Time suspended. Continue reading

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