“Drynuary”: Buoyed by a commitment device

Week 3 – Into Week 3 buoyed by a commitment devicereputation-2.

I’m switching over from counting days to weeks now. That puts me into Week 3. Yes!

I read an article recently (Goodbye Booze, For Now) by another Drynuary follower, David Cain, who explains that Week 3 is when it becomes a slog. The first blush of excitement and enthusiasm have faded, rather like all the people who are dropping out of the exercise classes at our local gym by now. That little voice in your head that squawks at you, takes the upper hand, and you fall away. He’s been doing this for 10 years now, and always hits the wall around the third week.

Well, here I am in Week 3 and I’m still solidly committed. I had been trying to analyze the why’s and wherefores for this lucky circumstance, when one of my family members last night saw me eat a small square of chocolate and threatened to “out” me on my blog.

First of all, this is about alcohol — the chocolate thing is just a side-line watch item. Secondly, I realized “that’s it!”. That’s the real hook for me. It’s this blog.  I have proclaimed this alcohol fast to the world – quite literally. I’ve put myself out there, and I’m not going to fail in front of the world.

This is what behavioral economists have labeled the commitment device. I first heard it from the Freakonimcs guys, Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt. They focus heavily on economic penalties, rather than the emotional penalties I’ve set up here, such as loss of face and reputation.

So, here I am, going strong and continuing to broadcast.

Thanks to all of you across the globe who have been sending me messages of support and sharing your personal “drynuary” journey.

Off to a weekend in the woods with 80 women – I’ll be a spectator to the loose and crazy banter that emerges late at night when the wine is uncorked. I think I’m up to the challenge!

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1 Response to “Drynuary”: Buoyed by a commitment device

  1. Lee says:

    Your weekend sounds like lots of fun, and I have no doubt you’re up to the wine challenge!

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