“Drynuary”: Forget your clever coping strategies

Day 9: I don’t want to hear about strategies, tactics or coping mechanisms.

longing-egon-schieleIt’s been one of those whirlwind few days. Starting with pre-dawn conference calls – always wish I hadn’t accommodated those when the alarm goes off – that then put you on a treadmill that will not stop until late in the evening. I get going at such a pace sometimes, I really need to put the brakes on before I can get to sleep at night.

That’s where a glass of wine is the perfect anti-dote to such a frenetic day. Everything slows down. Obsessions over unchecked tasks melt away. Who cares? Worries about the next wave coming tomorrow get fuzzy. The world is a better, friendlier place.

I’m not caving in, I’m not trying to negotiate a new deal, but I’m also not interested in any clever coping strategies right now. I just want to sit with my longings ….

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2 Responses to “Drynuary”: Forget your clever coping strategies

  1. Margaret McDonnell-Snyder says:

    Hi Lynn. Day 3 and planning my first Friday dry. Off to work and then a movie. Coping, coping. Have to learn to just sit with the new way of coping with no booze. Day 9!! So cool.

  2. lynnmorstead says:

    Good luck on your first Friday. You’ll do great with that plan. Thanks for your messages, they are inspiring me too. L

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