“Drynuary”: Adding up the savings

Day 8: More on adding up the cost savings.

cost-savingsAs I mentioned yesterday in my tips posting, I’m big on tracking and measuring progress. I stole the counting costs idea from a friend. She used this a few years ago to incentivize her quit smoking campaign. She put her daily cigarette money into a kitty that funded a weekend getaway at the end of each month. Yes, this can really get you places in the UK with the sky-high  cigarette prices — especially if you’re a heavy smoker.

I’m propelled by metrics that demonstrate perfection and accomplishment, rather than anything to do with money. I love the mounting count of clean days (8 already!) and the ever-constant zero days slipping off track. A weird OCD thing, I know, but it works for me.

Today, I thought I’d run the cost savings idea through an Excel spreadsheet. Maybe it would fire me up me more than expected. Wow, that was a revelation! I calculated a couple of drinks out with dinner a couple of times a week + a couple of drinks at home in the evening on the other days + entertaining once a week, and before you know it I’m getting into some significant $s per month. If I add in the spouse knock-on effect it gets even larger. Even though he’s not joining me in this ‘adventure’, his consumption inevitably also drops during these dry weeks. Not as much fun to open a bottle of wine with someone who’s drinking Perrier. Sorry dearest.

Now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t take a page from my friend Carolyn’s book and stash this windfall in a safe place that I blow on something fun at the end. I’m mulling it over. Wondering what I would do with it?


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1 Response to “Drynuary”: Adding up the savings

  1. Margaret McDonnell-Snyder says:

    What a great idea Lynn. Just not drinking last night saved me 30 dollars. Martinis are expensive. Day 2. Did not sleep last night, felt like crap. This will pass. Felt good to wake up hangover free. I have no idea what I am doing. I do know that I am not drinking today. Started a journal this morning. Mmmmm. Looking forward to a new adventure. Thank you Lynn.

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