“Drynuary”: Tips for Joining the Journey

Day 7: Tips for Joining the Journey.

tips-1By special request, I’m sharing a few go-to strategies that keep me on track:

Don’t start unless you’re IN – If you’re still waffling, or negotiating terms and conditions … days of the week, number of drinks per day, exception rules, etc, then forget it. Think of it as leaping into a cold lake, getting on a plane, or rushing a yellow traffic light. When you take off, you’re committed. There’s no going back.

Load up on coping tactics – Prepare for the trickier intersection points of commitment in theory and your life for real. Make up your mind in advance of every drinking event what you’re going to say, do, drink, and feel like. Yes, I do mean feel like too. Visualize all the positives that will make you even look forward to it. From lower bar bill, to no hangover potential, to sharper wits, to less likely to do whatever bad has ever happened after a few drinks too many. You know your list better than I do! These will psych you up and give you staying power.

Change up your routines – It’s not business as usual right now, so add something new to the regular mix. Anything involving alcohol typically is more passive, not to mention slowing you down. Shake loose from that draggy lifestyle. Go for a walk in the evening instead of the glass of wine. Meditate before bedtime instead of a nightcap. Nix all those other laying around activities, like TV that send signals to your auto-pilot brain to get yourself a little something to unwind with. Harness that extra energy and time; ratchet up your workouts, go dancing, play games, play an instrument. Do something!

Measure progress – Each passing day builds confidence and a feel-good quota. Count the days, count the extra workouts, count the $ you’ve saved, count the calories you haven’t consumed, count the number of times you could count on yourself to stick it out, count anything that serves you feeling like you’ve accomplished something. You have!

Speaking of which, today marks the end of a full week. Wow. 🙂

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4 Responses to “Drynuary”: Tips for Joining the Journey

  1. Margaret McDonnell-Snyder says:

    These are really great tips. Wow!! I am in. This is the first time I done a Dryjanuary. Starting later than January 1 2017, but later is better than never. Day 1. Jumping in and not looking back. I am going to buy a journal today to keep track of all calories saved, money, feelings etc. Thank you. Margaret

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