“Drynuary”: Gripped by bedtime reading

Day 6: Gripped by bedtime reading.

reading-bed-1After a hectic, busy day there’s nothing more delicious than collapsing into a comfy bed. Especially when the sheets are crisp and cool, the pillows are just the right squishiness, and the mattress cushions you like a cloud. Ahhhh …

Without the additional nightcap relaxation effect this week, the obligatory read-myself-to-sleep phase appears to be going beyond the usual one or two pages and then conk out. It’s annoyingly challenging to get through any kind of serious book with that routine. Amazing how even the least indulgence in an evening tipple can act as a powerful sleeping agent. Is this an age thing? I don’t remember this in my earlier days.

Anyway, this week I find myself reading several chapters well beyond my usual pathetic couple of pages – and, I can actually remember what I read the night before. What a bonus! Does this only happen to me? Is the book perhaps just better than some I’ve read lately? Don’t think so.

Big push to start listing the positives. Preparing for a couple of weeks hence, when the novelty will surely wear off.


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5 Responses to “Drynuary”: Gripped by bedtime reading

  1. suzetteharrel says:

    So what are you reading??

    • lynnmorstead says:

      Reading the next book club book: Once we were brothers. As soon as I think I’ve read enough about WWII and all the Nazi horrors another book comes along and I’m hooked again!

  2. Margaret McDonnell-Snyder says:

    Hello. I would like to try Dryjanuary. Today would be day one for me. Any tips? Thank you. Margaret

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