“Drynuary”: Sliding down the slippery sugary slopes

Day 5: Sliding down the slipper sugary slopes.

cookie-monsterThe lovely engagement brunch was more about delicious food and animated catching up on lives. The monster of bad habits presented itself in the form of sugar instead of mimosas. Tasty home-made treats, engagement cake and my favorite ice cream. In the spirit of moderation, I sampled all of the above, staying on the safe side of triggering the must-have-more switch.

Phewww. Then we were off to a wedding and reception in an alcohol-free-zoned Baptist church hall. This was going to be a piece of cake. Ha! That was prophetic. As can happen, the usual waiting longer than you want to for the bride and groom to appear leads to nibbling more and more on the delectable sugary treats on offer. Then came the cake served up in humongously generous portions. All good. Still keeping it within the bounds of ‘moderation’ … sort of.

Phewww. Back home for a cozy evening in front of the fire. A light supper and debrief of the wedding with the 20-somethings — who have increasing interest in such affairs. What a perfect day. Since I can’t have a glass of wine I deserve one of those last Christmas cookies, right?

I can’t describe what happens next. It’s not pretty. But really, what am I worried about? A few extra cookies?

No, not all. It’s the struggle over replacing one vice with another. It almost feels like cheating, if give up alcohol just to replace it with a sugar overload. Last year I wrote in a ‘no-desserts’ clause to the contract. I think that’s in order again!

Why do so many treats, rewards, and comforts come in the shape of food and drink? Is that learned or innate? More on that another time.


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