“Drynuary”: The temptation to rattle the monkey’s cage

Day 4: The temptation to rattle the monkey’s cage.

monkey_cageNo social events to strategize my way through. No battles with my resolve as my husband mixed up a cocktail while prepping supper. No big whoop today …. Except this fleeting urge to stir things up. The puritanical feel-good rush has a short shelf-life.

My BFF’s husband used to accuse her of an irresistible peevish need to rattle the monkey cage whenever they seemed to be slipping into quiet marital bliss. That’s where I could see myself gravitating.

Eat a cookie instead! And get your mind around tomorrow and the engagement brunch that will greet you with sparkling mimosas as soon as you enter the door.

All’s well. No need to stir things up.

Staying on track …


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3 Responses to “Drynuary”: The temptation to rattle the monkey’s cage

  1. suzetteharrel says:

    You are on a roll!

  2. Rhonda Sweeney says:

    Engagement brunch?? In the family?? As for drinking, I held firm on Thursday so I could have wine with dinner Friday night – on purpose. That’s the key, decide in advance!

  3. lynnmorstead says:

    @Rhonda — cousin’s son getting married, so yes family, but not my kids yet. Congrats on flawless execution of the Thursday plan!!!

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