“Drynuary”: Finding new “Thursday Therapy” options

Day 3: Finding new “Thursday Therapy” options.

img_0194Almost at the end of a week, that grueling, bootstrapping-yourself-back-into-top-gear kind of a week. You’ve done good: You deserve a treat. It’s been a nightmare: You need some “Thursday therapy” —thanks Keri for sharing your Thursday. It’s been unremarkable: Time to put some zing into the week.

Sans vin? Ugh. Lynn, never fear, remember, you’re prepared with a new treat-comfort-zing solution. Perhaps not as big a treat, or as soothing a comfort or as exciting a zing. Nevertheless, this was designated to meet that need. I had pre-ordered a special stash of Mighty Leaf Chocolate Mint Truffle tea. After a dearth of the standard stimuli this week, even this un-caffeinated tea succeeded in creating the illusion of a departure from the ordinary.

Over the weekend, I’m planning to up my game with some alcohol free cocktails recommended in NYT’s “Don’t call them mocktails” piece last weekend. Doesn’t this Orchid Thief sound amazing?


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