“Drynuary”: Alone with my soda water

Day 2: Alone with my soda water surrounded by exquisite glasses of winetray-of-red-wine-glasses

Still at the very optimistic stages of this feeling-oh-so-good-about-myself cleansing, it was easy-peasy to breeze past the tray full of beautiful wine glasses and ask for a soda water. The college parent networking meeting was in full swing at an up-market restaurant still decked out with holiday décor. The soda water request threw them off their routine, but they quickly sent a waiter running back to the bar returning with a big, bubbling glass topped with a twist of lime.

The deep crimson in the very tall and exquisitely thin wine glasses looked like the neighborhood I wanted to be playing in, but I didn’t stumble. I embraced the soda water in the chunky tumbler and relished the fact that I wouldn’t have to ‘pace’ myself. As the evening progressed, others started waving off the eager topping-up service, while I sipped on … and on the bottomless soda concerned only about the location of the restrooms.

The evening was short. The temptations short-lived. It was the perfect first adventure ‘out’ into the real world. Conversation wasn’t impacted by the light social imbibing. It did make me look forward to that first event where everyone else quietly slides into an alternate fuzzier, slipperier reality and become objects of entertainment to the sober observer.

Stay tuned …


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3 Responses to “Drynuary”: Alone with my soda water

  1. Rhonda Sweeney says:

    My first opportunity will be our Met Auditions dinner tomorrow night — will I or won’t I? That is the question. I was pretty good through all of December until our trip to Rome, then all hell broke loose! So maybe only a week of abstaining to counterbalance the week of indulgence? If you’d like to see me “work” on Saturday, come by Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music any time from 10-5 for a free peek into the audition life of young opera singers!

    • lynnmorstead says:

      I like the “all hell broke loose” description of the trip to Rome. I can relate very well to this development. Re Met Auditions one thing I’ve learned for sure from past experience is that I have to make up my mind BEFORE I leave the house, or I’m a goner with the first offer to pick up a glass. Good luck and if you decide to try the soda water route, think of it as an exploratory adventure that you will report back on. Look forward to hearing how it goes.

      • Rhonda Sweeney says:

        Well, I had my first opportunity this evening at a Houston Grand Opera meeting — San Pellegrino, 3 glasses! Success!

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