Synchronicity (#2) – Thoughts and emails crossing paths

InterconnectednessHave you ever called someone you haven’t talked with in a long time, only to have them tell you “I was just thinking about you. I was going to call you today“. I’m often skeptical, but will feign polite joy over the apparent coincidence.

A long lost friend came to mind today. It was a lifetime ago, a different era, a different language, a different continent. After an intense living-on-top-of-each-other period of several months we hugged good bye at the airport ~35 years ago. Tears were shed and promises made to stay in touch. Not sure how, or why we lost touch. It doesn’t make sense given all the other people from that same time and place that I still go back and forth with. Even the advent of emails and Facebook didn’t seem to close the vast gap across cultures, language and distance.

As I meditated this morning, thoughts of her and that time kept floating by. I wondered anew at her generosity to me. We had been friends, but … when my living situation changed overnight, she invited me to camp out in the living room of her small apartment (which she shared with her husband and two small children). That was beyond ‘just friends’. I wondered how we all managed through that time? It was surely intense. It must have been chaotic. It couldn’t have been anything but disruptive to them! But all I have is fond memories. There was lots of laughter, squealing kids running around, learning how to knit, sitting in the kitchen sharing cooking tips, and so much more.

I failed miserably at ignoring these fluffy clouds of thought. Rather than letting them float on by, I chased them down. I ran with them. I delighted in them. What precious memories. What an amazing friend, when I was truly in need.

When the meditation bells chimed, I surfaced back into the world around me and slipped into my regular morning routine. Check messages: email, phone!, text, social media, etc. Nestled in the midst of the daily mundane was a new, unrecognizable email address, sent just an hour earlier.

Yes, you guessed it. This dear friend, the very same one, who had visited me in my thoughts just a few minutes ago had sent me an email. The first time in forever! … maybe 15 years, or more. Ach du meine güte! Das gibt’s doch gar nicht! … aka OMG! No way! How did this happen. I wanted to wake everyone in the house to tell them. This is amazing. Can you believe this? It was just a simple hello, hope you’re doing well. I replied immediately. I can’t wait to hear back. Wondering why now? what’s going on? how are you?

These synchronicity moments are the fizz in life. My son says my third eye is opening. When I enthusiastically embrace the comment, he reminds me that it was intended as sarcasm. Personally, I think it’s more a matter of getting quiet enough, frequently enough to inexplicably tap into the ever present connectedness that permeates everything we do.


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2 Responses to Synchronicity (#2) – Thoughts and emails crossing paths

  1. Patricia Gillis says:

    It truly is awe inspiring how many individuals touch our lives in small and not so small ways that mean so much in our eyes but only fleetingly I theirs. I treasure each soul I have met along the journey to the person I am today. I relish each embrace and look forward to our next encounter whenever or however it may come. Your post brought a smile and a memory long since buried to my conscious – thanks for that!

  2. Rhonda says:

    Yes, happens to me as well. Nice to reconnect with longtime friends!

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