Do you travel to MOVE or to BE MOVED … that’s the question

I heard these words in an interview with Pico Iyer today on the Art of Stillness. Loved them. Worthy of replay. Worthy of imprinting. Worthy of reflection. And, above all, must be shared.

Maine made sense now. This explained why our recent trip to Maine & Boston was especially memorable and satisfying. I didn’t just move around from place to place, checking off the top-ten this and top-five that. I was moved by a feast of sensual experiences.

George Sherwood - Kinetic Scupltures - memory of waterGeorge Sherwood - Kinetic Scupltures - memory of fibonacciENTRANCED
The kinetic sculptures by George Sherwood had me spellbound at the BoothBay Botanical Gardens. I was so mesmerized, that the snap-happy photographer in me was stilled. These were snagged from his website. Their names make them all the more intriguing: “Memory of Water”  and “Memory of Fibonacci”. It was a first — firsts are memorable.

MIT Stata Center - for BLOG (2)

The Stat Center at MIT rekindled fantasies of going back to college. Why not a PhD in “Technology and Self” — sociology and psychology and how they interplay with personal technology. That impossibly wacky building resonated with my impossibly wacky idea. And all of this coming together at MIT, where so many thought leaders I follow are blazing trails I sit on the side lines admiring.

2015-07-16_Elizabeth Steward Gardner Courtyard 2015-07-16_Elizabeth Steward Gardner Spanish Cloister and JaleoENCHANTED 
The other-worldly serenity and beauty touched some deep place within, as I stepped into the Courtyard and Spanish Cloister at the  Isabella Steward Gardner Museum in Boston. An oasis. A small piece of that magical place took hold in me.

Spending several hours exploring tidal pools, soaking in all the colors, shapes, and tiny marine lifeforms, cultivates a sense of connectedness to the earth, a sense of groundedness, a sense of wonder. I too belong to nature. The ebb and flow of the tides are not unlike the comings and goings of our urban lives.

2015-07-16_Lobster mac and cheese IMG_3609 (2)TRANSPORTED
Lobster mac ‘n cheese and Maine ice cream were also sensory firsts. “Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip” and “Maine Black Bear” expunge any concerns of calories from your consciousness. Anything this good can only be truly good for you. The oohing and aahing takes you to a new happy place.

I accidentally traveled to be moved this last time, and didn’t even realized it until afterwards. The focus was really on spending time with some old friends in a new setting. It’s a new perspective that takes the pressure off the must-see-it-all approach. I’m looking forward to trying it on again! I can highly recommend it.


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