“No WIFI” should be the new “No TV”

We travel far to escape the Texas heat. We seek the quiet, unhurried corners of the world to escape the frenzy of a big city. We research quaint, serene, gorgeous cottages to escape tourist-trap hotels.

What is the first thing we do when we get there? Put our feet up? Open a bottle of wine? Explore the environs? Soak in the quiet, the sunset, the beauty?

No, we locate the Wifi code, plug in, and slide back from whence we came.


On a recent trip to Maine, one of the gorgeous cottages boasted no TV. Several dated reviews praised this bold move by the owners. Really? Bold? Who watches TV anymore? The competition for our attention has shifted to the fabulously versatile, all-functional, and all-powerful smart phone.

We can’t stay away from it. Where do we get the instructions for the cottage access code? The email, that’s on our phone, of course. Where do we locate the restaurant recommendations? The Trip Advisor app, that’s on our phone, of course. How do we snag a copy of the trails map for which the ranger only has one copy? The DocScan app on our phone, of course.  The list goes on and on.

And of course, once we go there, once we turn on that marvelous device, then it wraps its arms around us and sucks us in. It’s tentacles reach into all crevices of our being and paralyze us. It promises simplicity, efficiency, practical support, however we end up blind to the gorgeous scenery, deaf to the exquisite quiet and not present to each other.

It seems that the new bold boast for the true vacation rental should be “No WIFI”, rather than “No TV”. Who is brave enough to try it?


About lynnmorstead

Writing about the small things that shape our lives
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