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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

Big gestures, individual accomplishments, stand-out achievements, boast-worthy soundbites, metrics to demonstrate step change. That’s the corporate paradigm. Survival means distinguishing yourself: how are you different, better, faster, or more creative than the next guy? Lip service is given to team work, … Continue reading

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Synchronicity (#2) – Thoughts and emails crossing paths

Have you ever called someone you haven’t talked with in a long time, only to have them tell you “I was just thinking about you. I was going to call you today“. I’m often skeptical, but will feign polite joy over the … Continue reading

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Waiting room tortured thinking

Why am I so relaxed today? What if they find something? What if it’s bad news? Am I delusional in my cavalier approach to this checkup? Should I be more nervous? Is this going to be that moment, that fixes a … Continue reading

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Do you travel to MOVE or to BE MOVED … that’s the question

I heard these words in an interview with Pico Iyer today on the Art of Stillness. Loved them. Worthy of replay. Worthy of imprinting. Worthy of reflection. And, above all, must be shared. Maine made sense now. This explained why … Continue reading

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Synchronicity (#1) – The perfect words arrive at the perfect time

When my own words fail me, I seek others with greater  talents. When you look, you find. It happens all the time. And so it was again this past week when a dear friend lost her brother. It’s sad, it’s painful, … Continue reading

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“No WIFI” should be the new “No TV”

We travel far to escape the Texas heat. We seek the quiet, unhurried corners of the world to escape the frenzy of a big city. We research quaint, serene, gorgeous cottages to escape tourist-trap hotels. What is the first thing … Continue reading

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