Day 12 – Crazy about the GOSPL girls! See you again soon.

Goodbye GOSPL GirlsTwo weeks ago I loved my nieces because we’re family. Now I love them because I know them.

Two weeks ago we greeted each other with tentative, polite hugs. Today we bear hugged goodbye.

Two weeks ago I arrived as the babysitter. Today I felt like I departed a trusted and loved aunt.

Two weeks ago conversation was halting, required effort. Now we chatter easily about this, and that.

Two weeks ago our shared stories were mostly second hand. Now we have a rich treasure trove of shared experiences.

Two weeks ago there was a hope and promise that we would all fall in love and build life-long memories. Today I am so thankful for the realization of that gift.

God bless the GOSPL* girls for letting me into their lives and their hearts, and to their parents for entrusting them to me for two weeks.

Can’t wait for our next visit!!!

*GOSPL is their initials in birth order. Cool, hey?


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One Response to Day 12 – Crazy about the GOSPL girls! See you again soon.

  1. Rhonda says:

    Happy for you and for them!

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