Day 8 – “wanna know the grossest thing that happened today”

School-PickupThe 3pm pickup is one of the highlights of the day! The whole school day comes spilling out in chaotic bursts, rapid fire and filled with laughter and dramatic expressions. You’ll never guess what …. that “dude” … Oh my gosh, this girl … … you wanna know …?

I was greeted with “you wanna know the grossest thing that happened today“? I can’t resist. Of course I wanna know!!! Not sure I want to spell it all out here … it truly was pretty gross, but in grade school you can guarantee that the full story included icky bodily fluids in the wrong place, at the wrong time, on the wrong person. ‘Nuf said.

About to hop in the car for my final pickup before the Thanksgiving holiday week. Can’t wait to hear what happened today! I’m going to miss these pickups when I go back home.




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