Day 5 – Elf on the Shelf Orientation

Elf on the ShelfChatter after school over the puzzle we’re working bobbed and weaved in and around school day vignettes, Christmas wish lists, sharing incoming pics from mom & dad on WhatsApp. Ya-da-ya-da-ya-da — and then it veered off into a whole new magical world of Elf-on-the-Shelf. Wait. Elf on the What?

Remember when we found the elf on the camel in the nativity scene. Oh yeah, and what about the time we found it on the chandelier. And my friend found it in their fridge holding the milk carton. Once we even found her cuddling one of the wine bottles on the counter. Say What? Let me catch up. What are you talking about? Who is this elf, where is this elf and what’s up with this elf?

That’s when I got my official Elf On The Shelf orientation. Am I the only one who doesn’t know about this? This is what I learned from my local experts:

Apparently the elf starts work on December 1st, leaving your house while you sleep every night to zip up to the North Pole, delivering a report to Santa on your behavior. When she returns, she stations herself at a new vantage point for the next day’s surveillance (they have a ‘she’ elf in this house — it would be too creepy to have a ‘he’ elf spying on 5 girls, right?). If you dare touch the elf, then she won’t move for several days, and consequently fail to deliver a report to Santa. This seems to diminish your potential Santa credit. Some of their friends report incidents of having touched or moved the elf during the day, and it didn’t have the effect of keeping her grounded, as advertised. I’m assured that this is because these friends have some fake elf — clearly not the real deal.

Another important rule about dealing with the elf, is that when you bring it home from the store, you may only open up the box, but not unpack her. She comes out of the box on her own during the night and finds her place in your house. I’m not clear on how she gets packed up again after Christmas Day, but I do know that she’s safely tucked away in the Christmas storage box and the girls are anxiously awaiting her return in a couple of weeks.

I’m enchanted with the idea of this elf. It’s like fairy dust sprinkled on top of all the other magical mysteries that enchant and delight our childhood during the Christmas season. Is it too late to get one for our house? I’m looking into this.

What I learned today:

  • I want some of that elf magic in my life too
  • I would fail 6th grade math, based on the word problems I’ve botched so far this week
  • I’m momentarily insanely jealous of all the amazing pics showing up on my phone from Peru, but realize that I would never swap this time with these precious girls for that trip.

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3 Responses to Day 5 – Elf on the Shelf Orientation

  1. Tina says:

    I learned about the Elf a few year ago! In our house its a he. And he can go between grandmas and their house and the north pole

  2. suzetteharrel says:

    Love the daily reflections. Yesterday’s post about Mildred was particularly beautiful.

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