Day 3 – Hunkering down on a cold Saturday

2014-11-16-Girls at play on SaturdayThere are two orbits spinning around each other in this household. One is inhabited by the much written about 21st century texting, driving, ueber-busy teen. Two of them, in this case. This is very familiar. Been there, done that … in fact am still doing that, in modified college version.

The other one is a blast from the past, that I thought had disappeared from the western cultural landscape. This is where Saturdays start out with a friend knocking on the door to play, while everyone is still wandering around in jammies. Then another knock and several more are folded into the game just invented in the laundry room involving sitting in baskets and much giggling. This scene morphs into play round a Lego village that has been growing on the dining room table over the past 24 hrs. And later on to playing “bakery” in the study, including cookies of kinetic sand, a cashier and a bossy baker running the show.

There are no all-class birthday parties to be driven to. No organized club sports events. No play dates across town to be driven to. No monitoring of “screen” time. No whining about being bored. No pleas to go somewhere.

It’s simple old-fashioned hanging around the house. There’s spontaneous play. Giggling. Fighting. Chatter. Eruptions of laughter. It’s what they call “hunkering” down here. That’s the default setting. I feel like I’ve stepped back in time. I’m revisiting my past. This is how I grew up. Bless my sister-in-law for having created this time capsule in the 21st century.

When I offered a trip to the mall, there were squeals of joy. It was a special outing with expectations of ‘looking’ rather than ‘buying’. An Aunt’s duty is to spoil, so a carousel ride and a few ounces of candy was a surprise treat that delighted everyone.

When I asked what the ‘program’ was for Saturday evening, I was told it is Scrabble after dinner. Yes! Love that game. Bless my brother for having fostered that passion in his girls. We ate the Grandma’s chocolate pie that we had made the day before and quibbled over word challenges, bad letters and their dad’s interpretation of the rules [I must speak to him about some of these when he returns].

A perfect Saturday!

What I learned today:

  • my mom’s chocolate pie is still the best on the planet
  • kids still love to play like I did way back when — given a chance
  • not sure I’m going to see much of those two teens in 10 days, unless their car breaks down

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One Response to Day 3 – Hunkering down on a cold Saturday

  1. Rhonda says:

    Great fun!

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