If I make you an apple pie, will you vote for Hillary?


What kind of zany conversations did you have at your July 4th gathering yesterday? As the volume of adult beverages consumed rose, so did the volume and wackiness factor of the dialogue.  Sound bites flying across the room would occasionally trigger laughter eruptions that were coldly un-funny to anyone who missed them — those precious you-had-to-be-there moments. Political positions were staked out and then put aside by a ‘pass-the-butter’ or ‘sure, I’ll have another cold one’. Advice was given, respectfully bowed to, and then promptly relegated to the not-for-me file. Old stories we retold with more colorful details than the last time, while everyone reveled in the new exaggerations, rather than disputing them.

After the big feed of tasty traditional fare, the women forged alliances round the kitchen table lamenting the usual men-tidiness-household-chore-sharing issues; the children ran in and out screaming for joy, food or more root beer; the men meditated at the 55″ ESPN altar in the living room. 

A spontaneous game disrupted the isolated pods. We were drawn together by a cross-generational, chaotic game of “Heads-Up” — driven by placing an iPhone on your forehead, which most of us over 30 had never heard of, and could only contribute minimal points to. That dissolved into side conversations about Hillary and Global Warming — no idea how!?! 

In need of rescue from the edge of a polarizing messy stew, a voice boomed out over the fray, pulling us together again with the profound realization that “July 4th is not complete without apple pie”. This crisis required urgent attention. Our family pie specialist, and out-of-the-closet democrat voter, offered to make a pie if the leader of of the republican gang would agree to vote for Hillary. “If I make you an apple pie, will you vote for Hillary?” A deal was struck, and the party migrated to the kitchen for a group pie-making kumbaya.

With the smell of baking pie wafting through the house, all the sports results in for the day, and the sun setting, we moved on to a pie & ice cream and fireworks closure to a near perfect day. New memories made, and old ones rekindled.

How was your July 4th?


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One Response to If I make you an apple pie, will you vote for Hillary?

  1. Rhonda says:

    Played Heads Up in Nebraska at the family wedding in May — apparently popularized on the Ellen DeGeneres show! We used an iPad (from a 30 year old) and everyone played, young and old (including me!) The funny thing is that it recorded our charades and other “actions” which we could watch afterwards for even more fun!

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