Wardrobe alert: Incoming pasta threat


Day 2 on the ground in Italy, and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have actually brought different clothes. Never mind what I said in the last post about this. I don’t mean more clothes, or warmer, or cooler, or different styles, but rather quite simply a size larger to accomodate all the pasta that I will not be able to resist. We are guests of the most amazing Italian cook on the planet. Having visited Flavia on numerous ocasions in Brussels, we knew of her temptress ways in the kitchen. But down here in her region of birth, in Liguria, she’s in culinary heaven, and she is on a mission to ensure we try every single local speciality.
In the past 24 hours alone this has included Cima Genovese for breakfast, Pansotti al sugo di noci and fresh artichokes for dinner, warm focaccia al fromagio for a snack, gnocchi and pesto topped off with a panatone Genovese and rose sparkling wine for lunch. Let’s nap and go for another walk, so we can get ready to eat again! 

Day 3 and still not internet to post this, so must add that another dangerous apparition has manifested itself on the horizon in the form of the gelato. We tried limone, basilico, coconut and cream in waffle cones wandering around Colognia in the Cinco Terre.  Oh dear, another deliciously, decadent tradition in Italy is born!  And I haven’t even mentioned the to-die-for fresh fried anchovies — truly delicious — followed by a fresh squid dish that we had for dinner last night. I don’t know myself anymore. 

… Going to sleep dreaming of pasta and gelato …</em>


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One Response to Wardrobe alert: Incoming pasta threat

  1. Rhonda Sweeney says:

    Similar eating experience in Morocco! Lotrs of food, always!

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