Travel Prep Stress – Then and Now

At one point yesterday I was awash in travel prep minutia, second-guessing every clothing decision and adding more items to my to-do list, than I was crossing off. All I had to do was get myself packed into one bag for four weeks. How could this be so confounding? Okay there was a wedding to factor into the wardrobe, along with variable and unknowable weather. But really … 

How did I do this in years gone by? I’d be packing for two small kids, with those two small kids scurrying underfoot, while trying to close out loose ends on exhausting projects at work. We lived on a riskier edge. Hectic lives are not the picture of serenity and perfection. Work demands often dictated precarious logistics. Things did fall through the cracks. 

One time we asked the limo driver to pick up our 4- and 6-year olds from the care of a babysitter at the house, then drive to the office to scoop us up before taking us all to the airport. By the time the limo driver and the kids arrived at the office, all three were frazzled. The driver was pacing around the car smoking a cigarette. The 6-yr old was shouting at the 4-yr old, who was crying unconsolably at having forgotten her cant-leave-home-without-it Pikachu stuffed thingy. I’m sure we bought a new one at the airport to assuage our parental neglect guilt … And of course, to comfort our abused child. We love to tell this story and laugh about it today, but it was anything but funny back then.

Nothing like a visit to a past memory to awaken an appreciation for the relative ease of today’s challenges. The two young children survived all those crazy days, and will be joining us again in a couple of weeks. This time on their own steam and under their own direction. The Pikachu drama may be replaced by a forgotten i-Something. I’m not going to worry about it.

I’m packed now. If I brought the wrong clothes – too bad. If I forgot something – too bad. If I didn’t bring enough – too bad. We have lift off.

 … In transit …


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2 Responses to Travel Prep Stress – Then and Now

  1. Rhonda Sweeney says:

    I agree — I packed less that I ever had, rolling things into Ziploc bags for ease of seeing and packing. No fuss, no muss. Same way I did for Africa except then I used a soft sided duffle bag. Now a suitcase!

  2. Stephanie Grieger says:

    This one made me smile as we make plans for Australia!! How did we do all we did back then?? And how did our kids turn out to be so….normal??? LOL

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