Just the right balance. What does that look like?

bike-no-hands-1The most delicious days on my calendar are those that have some breathing room sprinkled in amongst activities I’ve planned.

Getting just the right balance is a tricky maneuver. It’s rather like riding my bike with no hands. It feels like I’m free, and yet I’m in control. Sailing along smoothly, seemingly effortlessly, and yet every muscle in my body is making teeny-tiny corrections to maintain that perfect balance.

On the calendar, this is the illusive ‘perfect’ balance between the planned and the unplanned. Just the right measure of planned activities and commitments to get the blood pumping and  keep moving forward with purpose and mission. But, enough space built in, so there is time for the spontaneous, the last-minute, the unexpected, the fun invitations that present themselves — namely, the unplanned.

Seconds after giving voice to thanks for this space in my schedule today, my phone rang with an impromptu invitation from my dear friend J to meet up with her. Yes! Let’s! I have time for this. What a blessing!


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One Response to Just the right balance. What does that look like?

  1. suzetteharrel says:

    So true! Yet I find the “perfect” balance hard to achieve.
    Was actually writing about this very issue in Chapter 2 of “the memoir.”

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