Why all the food, when everyone wants to lose weight?

overeating-help-scales-w-foodAccording to the International Food Information Council Foundation, “Most Americans (70 percent) say they are concerned about their weight status, and an overwhelming majority (77 percent) is trying to lose or maintain their weight.” This absolutely passes the credibility ‘smell test’ in my world. In some circles it seems closer to 99%.

Given that an overwhelming majority of people I know are trying to lose or maintain their weight, WHY do I find food served at absolutely every occasion and gathering imaginable, regardless of time of day or night? If it’s not a breakfast, lunch or dinner, why all the food? Aren’t we sabotaging ourselves? Will someone please start the stopping of this!

Alas, this is easier said than done. Food is much more than just calories required to fuel our movements. More than nourishment for the body. More than filling up a growling stomach. More than daily bodily maintenance. If it was merely a functional necessity, we might not have run amok with it.

Food glues together communities. Food changes our emotions, makes us happy, makes us excited, makes us feel safe. Food delights all our senses, smell, touch, sight, even sound. Food draws us together, beckons us to pause the frenzied pace for short bursts. Food soothes in times of trouble and energizes in times of joy. Food says I love you.

This is the only way I can understand the insanity of our food culture. Until we find some equally satisfying, glorious zero-calorie option, we may be doomed to stay stuck in this agonizingly irresistible food fest.

In the interim, I promise to reign in my own frustrations about showing up somewhere in between meals and being once again faced with the temptations of copious delicious goodies. … well, at least I’ll try to be less rude.

p.s. Super Bowl parties count as dinner once a year. Enjoy!


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