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When I give my talk to students on the “5 Habits for the Road Ahead“, I like to joke with them, that if I presented them with a marketing pitch about a new, cool technology device where they could capture thoughts and notes with …

  • no cables or electrical circuits — i.e. no competition for electricity outlets
  • no battery, no limits on how long it can be used — i.e. no dead device ever
  • no internet connection — i.e. who cares about weak wifi signals or data charges
  • no software malfunctions — i.e. never crashes, never needs to be restarted
  • no delicate screens, no hardware failures — i.e. doesn’t crack or break when dropped

If I had such an amazing device in my pocket, they would all want it now! Of course, you know where I’m heading with this, but many students don’t at first. It’s a lead into Habit #1: Bring Pen & Paper. And Use Them! They already have possession of this cool technology, they just have lost sight of its benefits.

I was delighted to receive a Youtube video on this very topic today from one of my book club friends, Susan Helgeson. It’s well-crafted, very articulate and effectively reconnects us with the beauty of printed materials. Check it out (note: Spanish subtitles):


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