ONE simple way to get your passwords organized

keeper-app-logoIf you’re on a I’m-going-to-get-better-organized-this-year kick right now, then one annoying, gloppy, pesty opportunity might be the persistent and ever expanding userid / password nightmare. I don’t know about you, but every time I do anything online, it seems that I’m either creating a new id/password, clicking on the “Forgot Password” button, or using a dangerously old and simple combo that should be eradicated from the internet, before I get into trouble. Am I the only one? Have you ever counted how many of these things you have out there?

I should have said that this used to be my life, until I started using the Keeper app last year. Trusted friends working in IT security swear by it, so I gave it a try. No more forgotten passwords. No more lock outs from too many failed attempts. No more simple, easily-crackable passwords. No more login delays waiting for the password reset. It’s accessible from anywhere, anytime, and it’s secure. It does cost $9 a year, but I don’t blink an eye at $9 for a top shelf margarita, so I’m sure I can prioritize $9 on something that will reduce my technology headaches.

Here’s a review, if you want to see what some techies and other users say: (

If you decide to try it out, and want to give me any credit for the referral, you can start your registration process with this link:

p.s. as of today, I have 131 ids/passwords logged in my app. I’m starting to sense the rumblings of a future world, where we will be grateful for bio-implants like RFID chips, that will simplify these types of technology burdens.


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