Back in Gear in the New Year

back-in-gear-new-yearOne of the theories about the 1975 mysterious sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald in Lake Superior is that it was hit by three rogue waves, called the “three sisters”. The first wave hits the deck. Before its water drains, the second wave hits. Before the water from both the first and the second waves drain, the third wave hits. The deck is overloaded with tons of water. There is no chance for backwash, or recovery between waves. The ship sinks.

Sometimes I feel like I’m hit with the “three sisters” at the end of the year. Thanksgiving is the first wave, Christmas is the second wave and New Year is the third. No sooner have we prepared for, over indulged in and cleaned up from Thanksgiving, than the build up for the next event, Christmas, has washed into all the space in our calendars and sucked up all the oxygen in the room. New Year is right on its heels and before I know it, it’s been at least 6 weeks, since life followed its normal rhythms. Thankfully my ship is still upright and floating, albeit suffering under the weight of cookies and eggnog, rather than water, but it’s a bit off course!

Anticipation, memories and mixing it up are the spice of life, while predictable routines keep us grounded and make us feel secure. I love the November-December “three sisters”, and look forward to them again and again each year, but today I am jazzed up about getting back in gear in the new year!

Sparkling water, fresh vegetables, blog postings, gym classes, new projects, cool morning runs, early to bed, early to rise, return to routines, back to my life … oh how sweet it is.


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One Response to Back in Gear in the New Year

  1. Rhonda says:

    Once we return from London and New Orleans, back to the good living!

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