Everyone landing at the same airport on Thursday

contrails-2During my overscheduled-overstressed-can’t-believe-I-survived phase of life I learned that the easiest people for me to coordinate schedules with were other people in exactly the same zone as me. We somehow knew how to get on each other’s calendars, when to reach out, what was needed and who could help. We were jetting around our lives at similar speeds, equivalent altitudes, speaking the same language, and following an understood code of conduct. Every hour, minute and second of the day can be scheduled and consumed. There is always time, it’s just a matter of getting better organized.  “… of course I can squeeze that what-ever-it-is-you-need in between this and that commitment all before my first meeting of the morning. Not a problem!”

I remember often struggling to make it work with other people, who appeared to be flying at different  speeds, or different altitudes, following some other rule book I definitely didn’t understand. I didn’t know how to reach them. They appeared to live in this squishy time-warp that was very resistant to squeezing in, over-scheduling, or loading up on commitments.

I’ve now crossed over into the world of those “other people” and now struggle to “make it work” with the group I used to belong to! I still have some residual memory of how to connect there, but it’s fading fast and seems increasingly unreachable. An easy indicator is when was the last time I had lunch with one of my ueber-busy former colleagues?  hmmm… it’s been a while … miss you guys!

It is like we are flying in different airways, a three-dimensional highway concept used in aviation to keep aircraft organized and safe in the air. Apparently the U.S. airway structure is divided into high and low altitudes, called Jet Routes and Victor Airways, respectively. It seems to me that I used to be flying in the high-stress airway. I knew my way round that space. Now I’m flying in the low-stress airway. I’m learning the ropes here, but now, more than ever, I want to bring the two together.

It occurred to me today that these two airways are scheduled to come together very soon. Here in the U.S. that will happen for most of us on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. We all come down out of the airways, land on the ground, take time out. The differences in speed, altitude, daily routines all melt away for a short time, so we can come together. Hang out, chill, relax, chat, slow down, catch up and more. How wonderful! Enjoy!

Most cultures and geographical regions, regardless of religion, take some down time at the end of the year. So here’s wishing everyone a safe landing and rich time reconnecting as 2013 draws to a close.


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One Response to Everyone landing at the same airport on Thursday

  1. Rhonda says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the time with family and friends! Stay warm!

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