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Everyone landing at the same airport on Thursday

During my overscheduled-overstressed-can’t-believe-I-survived phase of life I learned that the easiest people for me to coordinate schedules with were other people in exactly the same zone as me. We somehow knew how to get on each other’s calendars, when to … Continue reading

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Babysteps to Simplicity: 7 Strategies for Getting a Grip on Acquisitiveness

The buzz around the concept of “simplicity” is so appealing, so enticing, so where I’d like to move towards. Shedding the ‘stuff’ of life makes me feel like I can think faster, jump higher, laugh more readily. There’s air between … Continue reading

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An encore for “5 Habits For The Road Ahead”

Republishing a posting on the topic of  “5 Habits For The Road Ahead” to share with the lively and very engaged audience at Houston Community College (HCC) Katy, who attended the Pandora’s Box Speaker Series today. Looking forward to meeting … Continue reading

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