When the tide goes out, you discover who’s been swimming naked

low-tide-4“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” Warren Buffett

I recently came across this quote for the first time. It zinged me. It thrilled me. I’ve been replaying it in my mind over and over again and sharing with anyone who will listen. It’s brilliant. It compels you to stop and think. What does this mean? Does this apply to me in any way?

I feel that ‘nakedness’. The tide has gone out in my life and the next wave hasn’t yet come in. We stand on the wet sand, retired and empty-nesters. We’ve been stripped of the struggle to stay afloat. We are no longer being swept hither and yon by the seemingly capricious currents of dual career-working parents. We no longer exhaust ourselves swimming against dangerous riptides that try to pull us out too far from land and a sense of groundedness. We no longer lose site of each other in the choppy waters of 24×7 busy-ness.

We’re just standing here on the beach. Finding our ‘sea’ legs. Rediscovering an earlier time, before that wave of career and kids hit. Waiting for the next wave. Wondering what the next wave will look like. Wondering what I want that next plunge into the ocean to be like. Different, for sure. But how?


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3 Responses to When the tide goes out, you discover who’s been swimming naked

  1. Rhonda says:

    Compared to me, you are still in transition – first from retiree to full-time mom of a high schooler, now to empty nester and real retiree. I didn’t have these adjustments and immediately got involved in a new work environment — volunteer extrordinaire, or as I am now calling it Pro Bono work! I have gradually ramped up my volunteer work in many different organizations and am now taking on President or Director roles, and staying engaged as Trustee or Lifetime Member which has a lot of opportunity for more work, chairing ad-hoc committees. Granted, we do travel a lot, and that for me is a real joy. As you know, I always travelled for my vacations from work, but we have stepped up from 6 weeks of travel to about 3 – 4 months total. You will soon enjoy these longer times to travel, knowing your time is your own! Actually, I think I was a different sort of employee, maybe swimming naked for most all of my career – doing things my way, off cycle, not being on call 24×7, and making time for family and volunteer work, albeit at a different level, while working. One day, I might actually retire from my Pro Bono work, and be a real retiree, but I’m not ready for that for about 5 years…….

  2. Rhonda says:

    Lynn, I did not receive a notification about your reply, but got back into my response and saw it here. Let’s see if it lets me post it!

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