Spring has sprung here! When is your “Spring”?

springhassprungVisiting Costa Rica years ago, we were confused by stories of the winter rainy season. You said May through November, right? … si. This is still the northern hemisphere, right? … si. The word ‘invierno’ does translate to ‘winter’, right? …si. Since then, we’ve encountered other places that similarly tag a season as winter, just because it’s the worst weather season of the year.

If Spring follows Winter and all the reawakening of the world that this ushers in, then Spring definitely sprung into our world this morning here in southern Texas. We’ve been shut in for months, not by cold, rain or snow, but by oppressive heat and humidity. You see, summer is our ‘winter’ in this part of the world.

The otherwise hot, empty streets wrapped in a blanket of silent humidity were alive with activity this morning. A new crop of summer born infants were being paraded in pristine strollers, presumably emerging from indoor a/c-only outings thus far.  The let-them-out-into-the-backyard dog owners were even strolling around with frisky dogs on leashes. Walkers and runners were showing off new long-sleeve tops that have been gathering dust in our closets. Whole families are venturing onto bike trails filling the air with excited chatter, as only kids can do.

There is a sense of optimism, renewal, a lightening of spirit. We sang louder and more heartily in church this morning. We can open the windows again. We’re thinking of fun things to do outside… even during the daytime! People no longer groan at the prospect of a meal on the patio.

The whole world has opened up again. With threats of ever increasing temperatures, there’s a fear that one of these years, the relentless heat will not break. A fear that this could be the year it will not cool down. What a relief that this is not that year. We’ve been mercifully released yet again from the constraining grip of the heat. Yeah!

So while the northern latitudes start preparing to hibernate, down south we’re just peeking out of our a/c protected cubby holes and joining the world again! If you were ever thinking of visiting Texas, now is the time.

Ya’ll come on down and see us sometime!!!


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3 Responses to Spring has sprung here! When is your “Spring”?

  1. Rhonda says:

    After a summer of al fresco dining in Hawaii, with lovely breezes to keep us cool, it was daunting to return to Houston on Wednesday to the still hot, still humid, still muggy weather. But after the much needed rains and cool front, we at outdoors on Saturday night and this afternoon! What a difference a few days make — let’s hope it lasts from now until May!

  2. dick says:

    As I typed this on our patio literally dug into a cave on the Santorini caldera, I had to put on a long sleeve shirt as the fall seems to have finally hit Greece. We seem to have been Houston hot for the month we have been here and now that it’s cooling down, we are winding our way back home (Thursday morning). Unlike Houston though, Greece seems to bubble with activity, especially in the resort islands. Shows you what a few mountains and a blue sea will do to get people outdoors.
    Please keep the cool weather as we are returning to Houston!

  3. celia says:

    It seemed like EVERYONE was outside yesterday!!! It was joyous!

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