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When the tide goes out, you discover who’s been swimming naked

“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” Warren Buffett I recently came across this quote for the first time. It zinged me. It thrilled me. I’ve been replaying it in my mind over and … Continue reading

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Don’t make me talk to the automaton

Ring … Ring … Ring … Hello, you have reached xyz customer service. How can I help you today? You can say something like “sales”, “faxed order”, or “returns”, or … OR arrrgghhh … I hate these systems. I am … Continue reading

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Spring has sprung here! When is your “Spring”?

Visiting Costa Rica years ago, we were confused by stories of the winter rainy season. You said May through November, right? … si. This is still the northern hemisphere, right? … si. The word ‘invierno’ does translate to ‘winter’, right? … Continue reading

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I had paved over all the quiet spaces

I had paved over all the quiet spaces and didn’t know it. The appearance of any open space was a call to action: get in there and pave it over with activity and noise. A cancelled event on the calendar … Continue reading

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Everyone cried when they said goodbye. Why didn’t I?

I know everyone’s talking about the new iPhone or Syria today, and this is a milestone post for me – #100, which I had intended to honor somehow, but I’m still processing and digesting the new empty-nester life. This may … Continue reading

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Between young and old is like being 3 months pregnant again

I heard this week that the increasing use of FaceTime has sent a whole new batch of fountain-of-youth seekers into the hands of plastic surgeons. It seems we are not happy with what we see in the neck and chin … Continue reading

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“Great Minds Discuss Ideas …”

We delight in regular visits from our 20-something bright spark of a nephew. The enticement for him is a home-cooked meal, free beer and a comfy take-me-as-I-am place to hang out. The joy for us is conversation popping with excitement, … Continue reading

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