Calendarize It!

Want to handle that thing you’ve been putting off? Put it on the calendar. Calendarize it !

Want to turn an idea into action? Figure out the first step. Set a date and time to do it. Calendarize it !!

Want to make a dream a reality? Convert the talk into to-do’s. Attach a date to one of them. Move it forward. Calendarize it !!!

Want to move a project forward. Define that next step, and the one after that, and maybe even stretch to one more after that. Block out chunks of time. Mark them in ink on the calendar. Calendarize it !!!!

Who am I talking to here? Me, for sure. You too?


“He who hesitates is lost”   —-    From ‘Cato’ (1713) by English essayist and poet Joseph Addison.


About lynnmorstead

Writing about the small things that shape our lives
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3 Responses to Calendarize It!

  1. Amen, sister! Thanks for “calendarizing”our walk!

  2. Poul Christensen says:

    You’re right. It does help you get things done.

    It’s just depressing to see the things you meant to get done but didn’t manage to get done listed there in your calendar. So be sure to use an electronic calendar, so that you can delete a few items now and then to ease your bad conscience. Or be realistic about what you put in there – but where do you put your dreams then?

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