Get fired up! Learn something completely new!

jumping-for-joySitting on the hard tile floor of the hospital room teaching an almost 20-something curious young man to knit generated laughter, energy, enthusiasm, tension, teasing and joy. C and his two older brothers seemed entranced by the motion of my needles as we sat around and visited with their Dad. A crazy whim prompted me to ask “hey, you guys want to learn how?”.  Sure! I’m no expert, but within a few minutes I had loaded C up with some stitches on needles and off he went down the messy, fun, frustrating, intriguing, challenging path of learning a new skill.

That’s when the banter from the brother peanut gallery erupted. The room came alive with the playful, competitive, loving back-and-forth chatter that only close brothers can do. C persisted and managed to complete several rows, before it was time to break for supper, and give the small finger muscles and tensing shoulders a rest.

We were all surprised and delighted by the joy of this simple learning activity. Rumor has it, they were still abuzz about it after I had long gone.

It made me wonder when was the last time I tried something completely new. Something that would be hard and feel awkward. Something I could not do with any hope of competency pretty quickly. So much energy and joy can be unleashed by simply trying something completely new. What’s holding me back? Already tried it? Can’t do that at my age? Don’t have the resources? Too hard? What would I do with it? Can’t think of anything?

It’s got me thinking … I want to capture some of that feel-good enthusiasm that is unique to learning something new. Thanks for the reminder boys!


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2 Responses to Get fired up! Learn something completely new!

  1. bobritzema says:

    Not only is learning new things stimulating and enjoyable, but frequent mental challenges help preserve mental function.

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