Facebook Connectedness in Action

Find us on FacebookOn a recent road trip ‘out West’ (that means New Mexico and Colorado, if you’re looking at the world from Texas), Facebook roared into action with surprising and unforeseen benefits. I’m a bit sporadic in my Facebook postings and scanning these days — ironically I seem to have less deadtime for this since I retired — clearly a topic for another day. Therefore, it took a bit of discipline to ramp up my posting frequency, in a effort to assure our family that we were still alive and well on this loosely planned driving trip.

No sooner had I started posting pics with brief captions and geo location clues, as we drove into the western sunset, than the Facebook notifications lit up. “Not far from us! Let us know if you need a place to stay” from Lubbock, Texas. “You should stop by and say hello” from Parker, Colorado. “If u r in Boulder, stop by” from a friend on vacation in Maine, but returning home to Boulder the next day. With a little message back-and-forthing and re-jigging of the very loose routing, we ended up saying yes, yes and yes.

Thank goodness for gaps in schedules and flexibility in plans, that opened the door to spontaneous, serendipitous visits. What a delightful addition of local contact and color. What a charming, unexpected harvest from all the small connections that have taken place with my Friends on Facebook over the years.

As we prepare for our next trip, the lessons are: Stay loose. Don’t over schedule. Don’t over plan. Oh yes, and don’t forget to Stay Connected! See you on Facebook … and let us know when you’re in H-Town next time.


Special thanks to all our Facebook friends we met up with along the way: Paul, Betsy & John, Rush & Amanda, Carol, Heather & Robert, Claire, Julie, Curran, and Ellen. You made the trip.


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One Response to Facebook Connectedness in Action

  1. celia says:

    Thanks for the positive feedback about FB. For a child/woman that moved on average every 2.5 years, FB is wonderful way to stay in touch with all the people I know.

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