Wannabe Early Adopter

Technology Adoption Curve-4My only option for quickly getting the 5 items in my basket checked out at the grocery store yesterday was to suffer the new self-checkout machines. Have they arrived at a store near you yet? I avoid these painful, slow-motion devices, if I possibly can. Most of my purchases are fresh produce, which involves multiple laborious clicks and searches to locate the right bar-code.  The annoying monotone electronic checker voice is like nails on a chalkboard – telling me to place my item in the bag, scan the next item, blah, blah, blah …  I am ridiculously incompetent at this task. This appears to be a business cost-saving that pushes the burden onto the consumer. Thanks very much. I’m not a fan. I want more speedy-fingered-bar-code-memorizing human checkers, not these machines.

The dilemma: Do I stand in the only real checkout line behind the two overflowing, over-sized carts, or do I endure the open self-checkout?

At that moment it hit me that I might have lost my cool early adopter attitude. I might be a ‘wannabe’ early adopter — or worse yet a ‘used-to-be’ early adopter. Is my aversion of this machine a freakish one-off failure to adopt, or am I at the beginning of a declining trend? Am I starting to stand still, as technology passes me by? What will I resist or avoid next?

I have new sympathy for my Aunt Dorothy’s aversion and resistance to the introduction of the self-service gas station many decades ago. Her ever-shrinking full service fill-up options could be my fate in grocery stores.

Wait! This is not happening yet! I’m planning to keep my head above water for decades to come, so better get with the program. Get thee over to that machine and make it sing!


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3 Responses to Wannabe Early Adopter

  1. Rhonda says:

    I’m shocked that you called these NEW self-checkout machines! That’s what got George HW Bush in trouble years ago, when he commented on technology in the grocery stores! They’ve been around forever, but I guess your aversion caused you to continue to interact with humans instead! That being said, I too prefer the speedier “other human” checkout process, as I find it ergonomically challenging to get a cart near the self-scanning machines and get into the cart for the items, and bag them quickly enough for the machine! Here is a way to solve the long line problem — charge for checkout with human interaction and let self-scanning be free, just like self-serve gas vs. non-self serve! Charging more would limit the queue and those who have the resources would be willing to pay more for the human touch! How do you feel about that idea?

  2. dick says:

    Some things that replace your interactions with other humans are a plus, such as ATM machines. Some like self check-out and vibrators, are not that much of an improvement. Choose your battles wisely and don’t go for the latest buzz unless it improves your lot.

    • Rhonda says:

      I still say one of the issues we have with self-checkout is that there is no incentive for us to do it. Especially if there are lines for both. Why would I stand in a line to do self-checkout when I can have someone do it for me, faster? If I were offered a discount for self-checkout, or had to pay a premium for a human checker, it might add to the equation of which was more desirable, but at the same price, who wouldn’t pick the faster checkout service from a “pro”?

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