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Week 1 – 10 Things I like about being an empty-nester

One week ago we dropped off our youngest at university. It was a classic change-vs-transition moment. With a hug and a wave she was gone. One minute we were busy, daily hands-on parents, and the next we were distant, virtual, … Continue reading

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Calendarize It!

Want to handle that thing you’ve been putting off? Put it on the calendar. Calendarize it ! Want to turn an idea into action? Figure out the first step. Set a date and time to do it. Calendarize it !! … Continue reading

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It’s totally different … and yet completely the same

Sitting in the new parent orientation session at my daughter’s college check-in, I took a moment to peruse the student newspaper. Lots of useful, mostly predictable information … best deal on text books, tips on getting along with room mates, … Continue reading

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Arrivals and Departures bring Focus and Intensity

Tis a season of comings and goings. Arrivals and departures. Hellos and goodbyes. Some for the first time. Some for the last. A child arriving home from summer school is once again a perfect delight. The child departing for college … Continue reading

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Get fired up! Learn something completely new!

Sitting on the hard tile floor of the hospital room teaching an almost 20-something curious young man to knit generated laughter, energy, enthusiasm, tension, teasing and joy. C and his two older brothers seemed entranced by the motion of my … Continue reading

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Facebook Connectedness in Action

On a recent road trip ‘out West’ (that means New Mexico and Colorado, if you’re looking at the world from Texas), Facebook roared into action with surprising and unforeseen benefits. I’m a bit sporadic in my Facebook postings and scanning … Continue reading

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Wannabe Early Adopter

My only option for quickly getting the 5 items in my basket checked out at the grocery store yesterday was to suffer the new self-checkout machines. Have they arrived at a store near you yet? I avoid these painful, slow-motion … Continue reading

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