Mangled letter more memorable

This picture arrived in my email this morning. Mangled-letter-PBahlingerIt would seem that my carefully hand-crafted, hand-written letter experienced a violent encounter with some sort of post office sorting machine along its route to our dear friend in Colorado. It made me Laugh Out Loud … truly.

Most letters I send hopefully end up intact at their destination. I rarely know if they arrive, or if they make any impression on their recipients. This one will be remembered by all of us for a while longer and generated laughter as a bonus.

It’s often the things that go wrong in life, that end up being more interesting, entertaining and memorable.


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Writing about the small things that shape our lives
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One Response to Mangled letter more memorable

  1. Rhonda says:

    I hope you put it into another envelope and sent it on its way again! It will then make two people LOL!

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